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Bob Penkhus

Penkhus Motor Company

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Bob Penkhus was born in Ames, Iowa in 1949 and moved to Colorado in 1951. In 1957, his father opened the Volvo store in Colorado Springs. As a child, he was a fixture around his father’s dealership and grew up learning the business. It was natural that he would join his father in the business upon his graduation from the University of Denver with degrees in business and marketing.

In October 1973, he began his own Mazda store at the Pikes Peak Avenue location. In 1977, he became president of Penkhus Motor Company and has expanded operations to three stores.

Over 30 years, Bob’s concern for his customers and employees and enthusiasm for the products has resulted in continued success. He has been a member of the Mazda President’s Club, which recognizes the top 50 Mazda dealerships in combined sales and customer loyalty. Bob Penkhus Volvo is one of the ten oldest Volvo dealerships in the country; Volvo recognized Bob in 2007 for 50 years of service and acknowledged him as a Volvo Dealer of Excellence. Bob was Colorado’s nominee for the 2016 TIME Dealer of the Year award.

A business leader in his community, Bob is a participating member of the Colorado Thirty Group, which is comprised of leaders throughout the State of Colorado who have an interest in our military defense. In addition to his commitment to military charities in Colorado Springs, Bob has initiated the Military Appreciation Program, which is offered to personnel serving overseas. It provides them with peace of mind that their family is taken care of with no-cost emergency repairs to their vehicles.

Bob and his wife are committed to supporting many local and global charities. He was awarded the Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Red Cross 2011 Humanitarian of the Year for his support of the 2010 earthquake victims in Haiti. Not content to simply write a check, Bob, a pilot himself, flew doctors, nurses, supplies, civilians and media in and out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He shuttled 44 people and more than 2,000 pounds of medical supplies over 7,139 nautical miles in 30 + hours.

Bob and Leslie have three children and nine grandchildren.

Bob Penkhus
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