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Christina Dawkins

Co’s BMW Center

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Christina Dawkins has made handling change simply routine, beginning with an about-face to join her father’s automobile business, instead of pursuing a career in interior design and architecture. She achieved success in a male-dominated industry while advancing opportunities for women. And she led the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association in an unexpected battle against California-style emissions regulations. Christina has adeptly navigated an ever-changing industry, for which she was honored as Colorado’s nominee for the 2021 TIME Dealer of the Year award.

Childhood vacations in Greeley were spent washing cars and answering phones in the family business. But she still was surprised at how much she enjoyed the business when she joined the sales staff at Co’s BMW in 1994. Four years later, she managed the store, which she moved to Loveland and eventually added MINI. The family’s Chrysler-Dodge- Jeep dealership, which split off and was operated by her sister and Dad, was sold in the mid-2010s.

Christina was on the front lines in the gradual acceptance of women in the automotive industry. While much progress had been made when she joined the family business, female leaders still were rare. She conscientiously worked to increase the number of women – including technicians – on her staff, and made changes that offered a better work-life balance for men and women alike.

She pushed hard to change how dealers work with lawmakers and regulators. As CADA chair in 2019, she tirelessly worked to directly involve more dealers in the legislative and regulatory process, particularly when it came to mobilizing her colleagues against emissions mandates.

Christina is a staunch believer that the free market and automotive industry innovation will give consumers attractive transportation options that also protect the environment.

As the mother of two, it’s been natural for her philanthropic efforts to be centered around children and families. Christina’s financial and hands-on support has been focused on the Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County and Food Bank for Larimer County.

Christina Dawkins
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